Bethany Henderson

Hi! I'm Beth, the creative spirit behind Fig & Filament. My journey through the world of fiber arts is woven through my experiences as a designer, architect, publisher, and mama. I believe that every stitch can ignite creativity, merging form and function to create something you love. By designing accessible patterns, I hope to inspire other makers to express themselves artistically through yarn, bringing joy and a sense of discovery to every project.

Through Fig & Filament, I celebrate the blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. My architectural background shapes the structure and aesthetics of my designs, allowing me to create pieces that are both beautiful and practical while making use of efficient geometries and simple stitch patterns with minimal ends-weaving at the end of the day. Whether you're stitching a cozy shawl for a friend or a twirly-whirly skirt to brighten a chilly day, my patterns are designed to inspire you to play when the stitching is done.

Join me in exploring the limitless possibilities of simple, playful stitches and shapes in both knitting and crochet. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn a new skill or an experienced crafter looking for a refreshing-yet-interesting project, there is a place for you here at Fig & Filament. Let's cherish the age-old traditions of stitchcraft together. Dive into a world where yarn meets play, and where your creativity can flourish without boundaries.

Fig & Filament