travel to a garden of knitted lace

Spring is a season of renewal and beauty, mirroring the intricate patterns found in nature. This season, we invite you to embark on a unique journey through the art of lace knitting with our latest collection, inTANDEM Issue 3 - Spring's Garden of Lace.

Dive into the world of delicate stitches and mesmerizing patterns designed to transport you through a serene garden of handcrafted lace. inTANDEM's Spring Issue is more than just a pattern book; it's a journey designed for knitters of all skill levels, from curious beginners to seasoned artisans. With 5 exquisite spring patterns focusing on traveling stitches and lace, you'll find yourself meandering through a lacy dreamscape, one stitch at a time.

Kristin Strecker-Kellogg of Gourdgeous Knits

Aurora's Leaf Headband

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Katie Harrison of Mindfulness Makes

Sprout Mittens

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Karen Burnett of KarenBDesigns

Spring Leaf Socks

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Trish Hernacki of Barbelle Creates

String of Hearts Tunic

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Jacki Badger of The Woolly Badger

Caroline Jacket

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travel to a garden of knitted lace

explore movement, flow, and dance through traveling stitches and lace

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